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Eymardville is Go!

With its first matured eau-de-vie on the market in March 2024, Eymardville is 'go'. A great next step in a journey that started in 2016, when Leon van Welie decided to start distilling part of the fruit from his orchards. With a "just do it"-mentality Leon took training in Germany, and then just started with his first batch.

"Since then, part of my production was bottled and sold in the year of distillation. However, I strongly believe maturing on oak casks was the future of my eau-de-vie. And so each year, another part started to mature in oak casks. New oak, ex-wine, ex-sherry, ex-port. Apple, pear, cherry, berries. In many different combinations, these spirits have now come to a point where I'd like to share them with the world."

For his matured eau-de-vie Leon decided on a new name, Eymardville. Van Welie: "Eymardville expresses our roots, our 'terroir' if you like. It's a name for an institution that played an important role in the history of the community where we are based, Stevensbeek (the Netherlands). After careful consideration we decided to choose that name to express that we are thankful to be here and stay here."

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