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"Is this... this is a great whisky, right...?"

Unique, matured on casks, non-chill filtered
Only 500 numbered bottles available of our first bottling

Unique, surprising taste

Exclusive eau-de-vie
Get Cask002: our first limited bottling

The Eymardville experience

I'm so proud our region offers such outstanding spirits.
Eymardville is a pearl.

Jan Fleurkens
Beverage tycoon

One of the smoothest and most unique drinks I have tasted this year

Govert Sweep


Is this...
this is a great whisky,

Export manager
Beverage industry

Eymardville Cask002 exceeded my
Great stuff! First
mouthfeel is very smooth. Nice full flavour with several notes in it, obviously
also due to the wood.
The fruit is obvious but not too
"fruity", neither too "flat".

M.G. –
spirits connoisseur

Cask002 is really delicious. Can compete with the best whiskies I have on hand. I enjoyed it!

Pieter van Leeuwen - connoisseur

Eymardville eau-de-vie

Unique Taste

Pure, natural flavors

Single Estate

Artisanal Production

Discover Eymardville
The great taste of Eymardville eau-de-vie

The great taste of Eymardville eau-de-vie

Single Estate. Fruit grown by us in our orchards, distilled and bottled for you.
Pure fruit. Our alcohol comes from our fruit. Period.
No additives. No preservatives. Just fruit.
No colouringWhat you see is what you get from carefully aging our distillates in a variety of casks.
Non-chill filtered, so all taste is retained for you.

Take the Eymardville tour

Take the Eymardville tour

Visit our estate, and you'll enjoy a journey from fruit tree to bottle. Or, do the tasting including our current offerings as well as the exclusive and unique experience of casks we'll bottle in the near future.

Master distiller Leon van Welie

How we succeed in creating our well-appreciated eau-de-vie? Find out more about our distillery.

Introducing Eymardville a premium fruit destillate where every bottle starts in our own orchard. Our apples are handpicked at peak ripeness to ensure the highest quality. We then use time-honored distillation methods to craft a liquor that's both smooth and rich with a hint of apple.

The story of Eymardville

How does Eymardville succeed in creating such well-appreciated eau-de-vie?

Our story