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Cask002: Intense yet elegant. Apple, cinnamon, oak, vanilla, honey, port.

We are delighted to announce the release of the first Eymardville Cask edition, Cask002. For Cask002, we have used Elstar apples from the Eymardville orchards, yeast, and water. 2019 was a sunny year, so the apples were high in sugar content. Cask002 started with pure fruit alcohol from Eymardville's own distillation process. Leon van Welie then used an ex-port cask, in which this eau-de-vie matured for four years at 62% ABV. The deep colour results from the cask. The eau-de-vie was then carefully brought to 42% ABV, and bottled for you in 2023 to give you a unique and exclusive experience: Cask 002 is limited to 500 numbered bottles.

To serve many customers with this first bottling of matured eau-de-vie, a maximum of six bottles per customer applies.

Taste notes

Nose – A bouquet that balances body with elegance. Notes of apple and dried fruit.

Palate – Fruity, almost sweet, with hints of cinnamon and oak. The port cask starts revealing itself.

Finish – Intense and long, yet gentle. A beautiful blend of vanilla and honey, apple and port.


Max order of 6 bottles per person.

Original price €89,00 - Original price €89,00
Original price
€89,00 - €89,00
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Eymardville products are:

Eymardville products are:

Single Estate. Fruit grown by us in our orchards, distilled and bottled for you.
Pure fruit. Our alcohol comes from our fruit. Period.
No additives. No preservatives. Just fruit.
No colouringWhat you see is what you get from carefully aging our distillates in a variety of casks.
Non-chill filtered, so all taste is retained for you.