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Join us on our journey

In 2016, our distillery set out on a journey to make a difference in the appreciation of matured eau-de-vie. As new, great alternative for spirits. We invite Eymardville Friends to join us on this journey. 
Benefits of Eymardville friends

Benefits of Eymardville friends

Friends Benefits

  1. Exclusive bottlings available only to Friends
  2. Quarterly newsletter. By signing up as a Friend you are automatically registered to
    receive our newsletter
  3. Opportunity to participate in the Eymardville cask program.
  4. Exclusive discount offers, Friends-only
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Leon is a huge talent.
At 30 he creates eau-de-vie like a veteran.

Erik-Jan van der Linden
Eymardville friend

Eymardville: great taste, great story.

Albert van Beeck Calkoen

(Co-founder The Art Of Drinks)

Artisanal production

Artisanal production

Eymardville combines artisanal production of fruit with artisanal distilling. Master distiller Leon van Welie grew up in the fruit business in which his parents are still active. He trained as both a fruit grower and distiller.

This strong background enables Leon to control every aspect of the production process from apple to eau-de-vie. He manages the orchard with his family and team, grows the fruit, chooses when to harvest, chooses the yeast and all other aspects between tree and bottle. Eymardville is truly single estate, allowing Leon's determination to create a great product to flourish.