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Eymardville Estate Tour

  • Cost: €39.00 per person
  • Date and Time: contact us.
  • Duration: approx. 2 hours

Join your guide for a walk-through of our Estate and learn about the processes involved in producing our eau-de-vie.

Children and young people age 8-17 are free of charge, but must have a booked space as all participants count towards capacity.

Infants and children under the age of 8 are not permitted on the Estate Tour, including in prams, carriers etc.

Price: €26,00 per person

Select the amount of persons that will be attending.

Eymardville products are:

Eymardville products are:

- Single Estate. Fruit grown by us in our orchards, distilled and bottled for you.

- Pure fruit. Our alcohol comes from our fruit. Period.

- No additives. No preservatives. Just fruit.

- No colouring. What you see is what you get from carefully aging our distillates on a variety of casks.

- Non-chill filtered, so all taste is retained for you.

- We bottle each cask individually.

Each Eymardville cask has its own character, resulting from the selected fruit, the year it was harvested, the fermentation, distillation, the cask, maturation period and bottling.